We’ve Got The Tools To Help You Grow!

Get the Job Done Right With Quality Gardening Tools

Gardening often requires you to use your bare hands and strength. However, there are certain tasks where you may need some tools to get the job done efficiently. If you’re looking for gardening tools and accessories, then you came to the right place! Our staff at AB Hatchery & Garden Center in Bloomington, Illinois, is here to help you find the things you need to keep your yard green and thriving.

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Garden Tools and Accessories

Let’s start with the basics. At AB Hatchery & Garden Center, we have the supplies you need to build your own lush and beautiful garden. We sell shovels, pruners, pots and containers, garden décor, and more!

Come see us today and check out all the items you need so you can get started on your gardening project.

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Water and Irrigation

Getting water where it’s needed can be a hard task. To ensure your plants and flowers stay hydrated, we have watering tools for you. At AB Hatchery & Garden Center, we carry garden hoses, sprayers, and nozzles, as well as sprinklers that you can install in your yard. This way, you can build an efficient irrigation system for your lawn.

Plants with Flowers

Fencing and Edging

Protect your plants and flowers from wild animals and other intruders by building a strong barrier around them. We sell fence posts, garden borders and edging, and wire fence and netting. If you’re unsure which fencing or edging material suits your needs, our knowledgeable and friendly employees are here to assist you.


Winter Products

We offer ice and snow removal products including paw-safe salt, shovels, scrapers and more! We also sell firewood.