We Are Your One-Stop Shop For All Of Your Lawn & Garden Needs!

Gardening Care & Equipment

If you’re looking for gardening tools and accessories, you came to the right place! Our staff at AB Hatchery & Garden Center in Bloomington, Illinois, is here to help you find the things you need to keep your yard green and thriving.

Lawn & Garden Care

Scotts 4 steps

Lawn Care

We have lawn seeds, lawn fertilizers, and items for weed control (Herbicide) and disease control (Fungicide). Check out Scott’s 4-Step Lawn Program.

Hands holding a plants

Plant Care

We have fertilizers and products for tree care and plant pest and disease control (Fungicide).

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Landscape Soil and Amendments

We sell mulch, compost, potting soil, straw, and firewood.

Scorpion and Insects

Animal and Insect Control

Our store has insecticides, animal repellants (Deer & Rabbit), and home insect control.

Lawn & Garden Tools & Supplies

Plant Shovel

Garden Tools and Accessories

Our featured equipment includes shovels, pruners, pots, containers, garden décor, and more!


Water and Irrigation

Our watering equipment includes hoses, sprayers, nozzles, sprinklers, and more!

Plant Supports photo

Plant Supports

Get the best support system with our tomato cages, trellises, and plant stakes. We also offer several choices of ties, clips, and coated wire to keep everything standing tall. Keep critters out of your gardens with bird netting, chicken wire, or tree guards.

Winter Products Photo

Winter Products

Our store also offers snow and ice removal equipment!